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The Journey Begins...

I am proud and excited to share all the new music I've been working so hard on for the last few years. My journey into creating original music has been a dream since I was young, and the time to make it a reality has finally come. My imagination runs wild with music, and as you'll discover, I love to explore all different genre's, sounds, instruments, and elements in my creations. Listen with your ears, but most importantly, feel it in your hearts. Close your eyes, and understand the passion and blood that was put behind all of these projects to make you really feel connected to it. This is from me to you... enjoy.  Seize The Moment. 


I'm looking for vocalists, singers, and songwriters who's voices want to lead some of my tracks. If you are a singer/songwriter, or know someone, definitely reach out, Everything will be listened to and replied to, nothing will be ignored. Spread love and positivity.